Friday, June 4, 2010


HUHUHUHUHUHU. I'm absolutely thrilled. after like. weeks of procrastinating, I finally sat down with my america wig... and it was done in like 10 mins OTL.

messy bathroommmm, but haaaa so worth it. I'll go clean it up in awhile OTL the lock of hair on the tablecounterthing next to the toothpaste will be Nantucket, hopefully.
my webcam makes everything look good... XD (HALF OPENED EXTRALARGE SHIRT~ RUSSIAxAMERICA HINTS? 8D)
unfortunately... my camera dosn't like me as much. OTL *lookslikecrappppp* nothing was changed besides the pose in both pics...

With abit of tweaking, I can do Russia! butbut the color's wrong. =w=;;
also. super unglam pic plz

anw. I'll be going to SJCC camp, won't be back till tomorrow night. ;A; I'll miss you, kiku (the laptop, lol)~

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