Thursday, April 29, 2010

heee, new addition~

So I met up with Lexis after school and traded Sleepy for Shota (he's the one beside draco, obviously). ahhhh, I didn't like him in the pictures, but omg he gets cuter and cuter IRL everytime I look at him. <3

also, I collected my dollie mic(s)~

8DDDDD; they're really better suited for SD then MSD, but I'm too lazy to get faustie off the shelf. XD;;;

Mmm. I borrowed Kaiji from XW(ILU 8D), watched it during the breaks + on the train + justfinishedit. the...desperation was funny, ahaha. but maa, what can I say~ I love the awesome-clicke type of plot that Kaiji has. makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 8D;

Draco dosn't seem very happy with shota's arrival, he's glaring. ahaha;

anw. OH YES. 8D; I SAW BOSSU AT SCHOOL! well, XW was sitting near her and pointed her out to me. so I put my stuff down and bowed and like went "BOSSUUUUUUUUU". wololol she was like "wtf omg what're you doing here?" XDDDDDD; ahahaha <3;

mmm. Class was fun. 8D; I still love oral-com. for ICA1, I chose "a thing I do in my leisure time" as my topic. hurrrrrrr, what to talk about - dollies, cospreh or singing? 8DDDD;

*dosn't thnk there's anything else to say* Shota's so cute ahahaha; <3

wogay~ nights~


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

note to self:

cover this:

Am waiting for the club orientation thingy to start. .x. I joined the sakuran japanese cultural club, which has a cosplay division. 8D; figured that it'll push me to actually complete some costumes, ahahaha;;; but yar. I came like. 45 mins early. =3=;;;;;  soliek. *sits and sians*

I... need to brush up on stats. and the math topicthing that I always used to skip in sec schl... *can't even remember it's name*

ahaha. so much fun. 8D;

it wasn't that much of the activities, it was more of the kind of people. 8D; and the fact that I let loose and introed myself as Yaoi. >DDD I've kind of realised that Yaoi and Beverly are sliiightly different people. In the sense that Yaoi can have no shameeeeeeee 8D; *Shot*

I have fans now. 8D; *shot*

haaaaaaaaaa anw. eh. oh yar.

will bring sleepy to school tomorrow, to trade with Lexis for gayboy. 8D; and clothes. and prolly Trich, depending. .x.

oyar. note to self: lyrics for above song

eh. I was gunna write more. but periodpainlikecrazy omfg, so like. bye. I'll see if I have anything to add on tomorrow/later


Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic fun~

ahaha. IT&web tech today was effing fun~ we did a crossword thingy, and my team came out first. 8DDDD; hur *competitivecompetitivecompetitive*

and also

I kindasorta bought a SD13 body. Secondhand, from Mandarake. God, it's only like 25000 yen w/o shipping, which means about 260usd. Which is really cheap, since normally secondhand sd13 bods go for approx 350usd. <3 I'll have to collect like all my debts + begborrow money for it though. and call in favors from a friend who has PP... ><; bah. Dikadoll handssssss onnnnn saleee. asdfghjkl;;;. I hope my salary comes in sometime soon too. x___x I despo need to start working again... @w@ mebee fri nights + sat? lessee how ba. un. was so shagged today, came home and slept. For an hour. lol. Then dad called and was himself >_> so I had maggieeee~

I neeeeeeeed another house keyyyyyy. T__T I keep losing mine.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


,Nothing interesting happened the past couple of days so I got lazy. XD;;

but un. I'm supposed to hand up a passport sized photo of me on monday. I-i searched the whole house for my nice-looking PPPics, TO REALISE THAT I HAVE NONE LEFT. D8 oh horror. T_T

so I decided to go out to take a couple of new ones...

only to remember that Idk where the hell my house key is...

so. *procrastinates by blogging*

ahahaha. T_T I just broke draco's fingers AGAIN. last night. guh, I feel so horrible. >_> I'll need to buy him jointed hands. There's a sale which ends at the end of the month, hopefully I"ll be able to kope Paypal from sempai to make the purchase~ ahaha

right. I should really start looking for either my PP pic or my key. T_T

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm tired and lazy today, so go laugh you ass off on your own for now


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second day

D8 I-I love the internet. and I honestly thought it wouldn't be this bad...

but fuuuuck. How does one make something as awesome as the internet SO. FUCKING. DULL.

I'll have to manage this course on my own somehow... T_T

Hnn. Microeconomics is kinda common sense so far... I really hope to learn from this class though. I do wanna contribute to my dollieshop-in-planning. I find that lecture notes are...not really necessary, just a good backup, cos I'm the type who must take my own notes to memorize... so if the notes are already provided, there's nothing for me to do besides... slack and surf the net on my phone. Which is so not good for me, I wasted secondary school that way. D8< *smacks self* SO I SHOULD REALLY STOP DOING IT IN INTERNET & WEB TECH, DAMNIT. but ahhhhhhh whyyyyy do they have to keep going over and over and over the point. I got it the first time, the rest of the times just make me confused. T_T must self-study for this one.

We had to wake early and choose our general studies modules today. I picked Singapore and the World in Perspective, and Effective Communication for Better Relationships... T_T My late Mondays and Tuesdays are ruined... but at least Wed and Fri I end early and can do my own shit. <3

Mmm. Not having the student admin cards kinda suck. I need to worry about if my attendance will be taken. >_>

and I've been abusing Mc-doos. D8 horriblehorrible nouuuuuuu. T_T I shouldn't be doing this. bah. I'm getting phat. ;A;

Hmm, what else.

I um. signed up for an insurance/saving plan thing. I-i guess I"m still hopeless against pushy salespeople. I also bought earphones cos I need them despo.

OH YES. 8D I got kiku. <3 He's charging. <3 He's really kinda big and powerful. A little too powerful to suit the name Kiku... (I get the impression that kiku'd be an awesome name for a macbook air though...) He may end up being Riku... OR BYAKURAN, FUFUFU, we'll see. 8D I wants a Mac desktop too. Ah, names. <3 Names give an object power. (xxxholicftw 8D)

Nnn. All I have tomorrow = tutorials... I'll prolly not bring lecture notes... which means one of my kids may go, since I'm meeting two people after school anw. <3 It'll prolly be Trich who's coming along, since he hasn't been getting any attention for the past few weeks. ^^;

This is Trich
A Fairytale Prince

;A; woosoo's been sold. I'm traumatized. have some mayo....


Monday, April 19, 2010

First day of school + Comfort shopping

Turns out we have to wait till the 27th of april before we can collect the Student cards. bah. Um... Nothing else interesting happened. Except I got stood up by Joey who totally forgot that we had a date after school. ;A; I lugged Draco all the way down too damn it.

This is Draco. (PIC BY ME, DON'T TAKE.)

Yes, it's a he. He's totally not based on Malfoy, but as spoilt and childish as him... (I'll post doll profiles up when I'm not being rushed off to sleep...)

I've been comfort shopping due to some shit... except, not. cos the things I wanna buy are so expensive I can't afford them, which leads to more distress. Which leads to digging for things that I CAN actually afford. which...leads to me finding more shit I can't afford. which leads to flailing and crying.

Said thing in question:
Ball-jointed dolls.

Specifically, a NS 1/3 Woosoo on the DOA marketplace. for only 800USD.

That's actually REALLY CHEAP for a 1/3 Woosoo. They're limited, so when I do find them around, they're usually 4 figure USD sums. T_T ah, kami-sama. doushiteeeeeee~~~

nn. god, Crobi's Y's is really sexy too... Bah. though, I'd be better off getting the first boy I fell for ever...

but he's tempting too. TAN. *drool*

Bah, Crobidoll... Goodbye, Mikhail...

Uh. I think you're all sufficiently creeped out now. :D

so. well.

I'll be buying a new laptop tomorrow. It's name shall be Kiku, cos it will be efficient as shit. 8D I'm totally gunna call my current one (Macbook pro ftw) Gilbert. cos well, it's awesome. >8D hahhhh.

go watch Axis powers Hetalia to get it. XD It's good for your history too, hoho.

Righto. I don't think there's anything

Seeya around

Friday, April 16, 2010


Ahaha. I know I promised to keep up with the previous blog...

well, it died. ._.; *shot*

anyhoo. Lots of things have happened, and I'm now a student of Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Business management... Like the title says, it's a completely new chapter of my life.

I find that I've changed as a person too. I've become somewhat more mature, and more confident... Somewhat. XD; I think it's a good change, I was always too stupid for my own good. ._.;

nnn... what else...

ah, yes. Since this is a new start...

Welcome, readers. I'm Beverly, you can call me either Kuro or Yaoi, tis up to ya. I'm a cosplayer, BJD mom (of 3 full kids and one floating head! plus two more on the way <3) and wannabe photographer (...haven't touched the camera in months though...) . I'm also going to start school on monday... am somewhat apprehensive but excited(!!!Iknowright? never expected Yaoi of all people to be excited about school ya? XD).

Well. Orientation camp ended today. Interesting things happened, new friends were made. I won't talk about today, not here. This is only an introduction, after all. The new chapter will start on Monday. I'll try to keep this blog updated on at least a twice weekly schedule, but I won't give any guarantees.

Sooo. Well. I guess I'll see ya Monday~