Sunday, April 25, 2010


,Nothing interesting happened the past couple of days so I got lazy. XD;;

but un. I'm supposed to hand up a passport sized photo of me on monday. I-i searched the whole house for my nice-looking PPPics, TO REALISE THAT I HAVE NONE LEFT. D8 oh horror. T_T

so I decided to go out to take a couple of new ones...

only to remember that Idk where the hell my house key is...

so. *procrastinates by blogging*

ahahaha. T_T I just broke draco's fingers AGAIN. last night. guh, I feel so horrible. >_> I'll need to buy him jointed hands. There's a sale which ends at the end of the month, hopefully I"ll be able to kope Paypal from sempai to make the purchase~ ahaha

right. I should really start looking for either my PP pic or my key. T_T

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