Monday, April 19, 2010

First day of school + Comfort shopping

Turns out we have to wait till the 27th of april before we can collect the Student cards. bah. Um... Nothing else interesting happened. Except I got stood up by Joey who totally forgot that we had a date after school. ;A; I lugged Draco all the way down too damn it.

This is Draco. (PIC BY ME, DON'T TAKE.)

Yes, it's a he. He's totally not based on Malfoy, but as spoilt and childish as him... (I'll post doll profiles up when I'm not being rushed off to sleep...)

I've been comfort shopping due to some shit... except, not. cos the things I wanna buy are so expensive I can't afford them, which leads to more distress. Which leads to digging for things that I CAN actually afford. which...leads to me finding more shit I can't afford. which leads to flailing and crying.

Said thing in question:
Ball-jointed dolls.

Specifically, a NS 1/3 Woosoo on the DOA marketplace. for only 800USD.

That's actually REALLY CHEAP for a 1/3 Woosoo. They're limited, so when I do find them around, they're usually 4 figure USD sums. T_T ah, kami-sama. doushiteeeeeee~~~

nn. god, Crobi's Y's is really sexy too... Bah. though, I'd be better off getting the first boy I fell for ever...

but he's tempting too. TAN. *drool*

Bah, Crobidoll... Goodbye, Mikhail...

Uh. I think you're all sufficiently creeped out now. :D

so. well.

I'll be buying a new laptop tomorrow. It's name shall be Kiku, cos it will be efficient as shit. 8D I'm totally gunna call my current one (Macbook pro ftw) Gilbert. cos well, it's awesome. >8D hahhhh.

go watch Axis powers Hetalia to get it. XD It's good for your history too, hoho.

Righto. I don't think there's anything

Seeya around

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