Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second day

D8 I-I love the internet. and I honestly thought it wouldn't be this bad...

but fuuuuck. How does one make something as awesome as the internet SO. FUCKING. DULL.

I'll have to manage this course on my own somehow... T_T

Hnn. Microeconomics is kinda common sense so far... I really hope to learn from this class though. I do wanna contribute to my dollieshop-in-planning. I find that lecture notes are...not really necessary, just a good backup, cos I'm the type who must take my own notes to memorize... so if the notes are already provided, there's nothing for me to do besides... slack and surf the net on my phone. Which is so not good for me, I wasted secondary school that way. D8< *smacks self* SO I SHOULD REALLY STOP DOING IT IN INTERNET & WEB TECH, DAMNIT. but ahhhhhhh whyyyyy do they have to keep going over and over and over the point. I got it the first time, the rest of the times just make me confused. T_T must self-study for this one.

We had to wake early and choose our general studies modules today. I picked Singapore and the World in Perspective, and Effective Communication for Better Relationships... T_T My late Mondays and Tuesdays are ruined... but at least Wed and Fri I end early and can do my own shit. <3

Mmm. Not having the student admin cards kinda suck. I need to worry about if my attendance will be taken. >_>

and I've been abusing Mc-doos. D8 horriblehorrible nouuuuuuu. T_T I shouldn't be doing this. bah. I'm getting phat. ;A;

Hmm, what else.

I um. signed up for an insurance/saving plan thing. I-i guess I"m still hopeless against pushy salespeople. I also bought earphones cos I need them despo.

OH YES. 8D I got kiku. <3 He's charging. <3 He's really kinda big and powerful. A little too powerful to suit the name Kiku... (I get the impression that kiku'd be an awesome name for a macbook air though...) He may end up being Riku... OR BYAKURAN, FUFUFU, we'll see. 8D I wants a Mac desktop too. Ah, names. <3 Names give an object power. (xxxholicftw 8D)

Nnn. All I have tomorrow = tutorials... I'll prolly not bring lecture notes... which means one of my kids may go, since I'm meeting two people after school anw. <3 It'll prolly be Trich who's coming along, since he hasn't been getting any attention for the past few weeks. ^^;

This is Trich
A Fairytale Prince

;A; woosoo's been sold. I'm traumatized. have some mayo....


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