Thursday, April 29, 2010

heee, new addition~

So I met up with Lexis after school and traded Sleepy for Shota (he's the one beside draco, obviously). ahhhh, I didn't like him in the pictures, but omg he gets cuter and cuter IRL everytime I look at him. <3

also, I collected my dollie mic(s)~

8DDDDD; they're really better suited for SD then MSD, but I'm too lazy to get faustie off the shelf. XD;;;

Mmm. I borrowed Kaiji from XW(ILU 8D), watched it during the breaks + on the train + justfinishedit. the...desperation was funny, ahaha. but maa, what can I say~ I love the awesome-clicke type of plot that Kaiji has. makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 8D;

Draco dosn't seem very happy with shota's arrival, he's glaring. ahaha;

anw. OH YES. 8D; I SAW BOSSU AT SCHOOL! well, XW was sitting near her and pointed her out to me. so I put my stuff down and bowed and like went "BOSSUUUUUUUUU". wololol she was like "wtf omg what're you doing here?" XDDDDDD; ahahaha <3;

mmm. Class was fun. 8D; I still love oral-com. for ICA1, I chose "a thing I do in my leisure time" as my topic. hurrrrrrr, what to talk about - dollies, cospreh or singing? 8DDDD;

*dosn't thnk there's anything else to say* Shota's so cute ahahaha; <3

wogay~ nights~


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