Saturday, May 1, 2010

Modding WIP, cosfest plans

Am currently modding Shota (his permanent name is now Crevan, but he still goes by that nick).

I opened his left eye too wide at first and had to close it up with epoxy.

well. more or less. I added on abit and took off abit, but the general shape is fixed.

and dear god, I really shouldn't deal with epoxy when I have a headache/am sucking on lozenge's non-stop to prevent my throat from feeling like I just sanded it. I've been feeling nauseous the entire day. (which is why I'm typing early, cos I'll turn in early.) The smell of curing epoxy...just... *retch*

._. dosn't help that I"m using normal multipurpose epoxy instead of my usual tamiya one (I lost it T_T). I'm pretty sure my usual one has no smell .x.

anyways. halfway through modding I gave up trying to tint the epoxy properly (as you can kinda see) ._x I'm considering airbrushing him white instead, and sticking him on a WS body. or just blushing the epoxied areas to match. my head hurts too much to care at the moment.

also. I"m selling off my DIM ELIF head at 80usd. (I could prolly drop the price a little if I know you, but I need the cash to buy the incoming sd13 body x_x ). ;A; someone. pleaseeeeee.

OH YEAH. cosfest plans/plea. I'll cut to the point.

The 2nd day of cosfest is also Independence day, which means it's Alfred's birthday! 8D we're looking for people to cospreh our beloved dimwitted US to takeover the stage during the event. <3 ANYONE GAME? there are currently. um. 3 unconfirmed Al's, but it was such a fun idea that I wanna drag. like. 20 Al's just for the heck of it. 8D

Day 1 I'll either be Papa from Soul-eater, Badou from Dogs:bullets and carnagePrussia/France/Russia from APH, Riku again (my last resort, hopefully I won't have to redo him so many times in a row). or someone I haven't thought of yet. ahaha. The slot's still open, basically. .x.

CF's on the 3rd and 4th of July. *big sparkly pleading eyes* I wanna cospreh so bad, it's not funny~ someone pleaseeeeee be my partner? I'll love joo forevar~

I'll cut the post short before I ramble on more. ahaha.


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