Monday, May 31, 2010

slacking in class~

Microecons, actually.

OTL *yawwwwwwwn*

cos a couple of you guys put this into my head a few days back...

HORA! I"m even doing this seriously! and during ICA/exam week at that... OTL on my second base-draft, correcting proportions and all atm. OTL

nnngh. *random rolling* what did I have to talk about...?

ohyes, the weekend.

I went out with Xian Wen to look for bass in the morningafternoon and Joy to have dinner in the afternoonnight on fri. ahaha. nothing much, besides the fact that we walked alot, and I looked pretty and Joy and I freaked out a few folks on the train... have pics and a video .w.

well the pics will come later *cannmot upload them >_>;;; *

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