Saturday, May 8, 2010

Concerning yesterday

8DDDD; the SD13 body I ordered arrived yesterday <3 it's so much love, and SO WORTH IT. Faustie fills out his clothing well now <3
I still don't really like the hands so much, but they're not that bad and can be replaced ^^

the rest of the day was basically crap but whocares~


oh and.

Anime Karaoke Competition

Due to very popular demand from our budding singers, the Anime Karaoke Competition is back!

Please email your name, contact number, song and sound track to

I am. SO. tempted to join. ;A; but I don't know what I'll singggggggg. (and what day is this on anw damnit. =A= I need to know to choose my songgggg)...

I got cough medicine and lozenges today~  will spam them like crazy till I get well~

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