Sunday, May 9, 2010

ranty rantrant

I just read a rant about someone hating ugly people. And even though the matter's long-over, I have to say something.

there were some replies to her post, going "D8 you hate me?"
then she's like "I don't mind if you're ugly, but have a good attitude. But some people are ugly inside and out." and "BUT since I'm a VERY visual person once de person is nt so nice i get a little argh or will step away cos.......... i jus don feel comfortable u see."

there are also people blessed with good looks, but have a shitty attitude. I also personally don't think you're the prettiest person on the planet, watching you prance around in loli and decora and what have you not makes me cringe. badly. How can you stand having mirrors in your house?

The excuse you gave that you're a very visual person? nuh-uh, invalid. The world's not just about you, honey. I personally am very visual too, but do I go to a public forum and go "I SRSLY HATE UGLY PEOPLE !!1!1" like it's their fault they're not blessed with good looks? at most I'll talk about to selected people, that's it.

bah pissed. how insensitive can people get? why are some people so shallow and care only about themselves? why do people lack friggin EQ? Some things I never understand...

or mebee I'm just oversensitive. but. *twitch* things like this really get on my nerves.

honey. If you wanna bare your ugly, don't bare it to a forum (expecially one that will bite back)

I'll prolly regret this post in awhile and delete it *roll* I'm still drugged up. ahaha.

*goes back to happyland*


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