Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Characters decided! and rageeee.

Decided to do Badou from Dogs, and Soubi for Loveless for day 1 and two respectively. I still dunno about america~

yayyyyyy mai bff cottonbud~~ bow down to eyepatch-sama, stupid cottonbud. >D *cracks whip*. *is shot full of holes*

I was so hyped. I did a makeup test before my bath, and it turned out awesome. (but I didn't take pics, damnit.)

>_> then. I justttttt tried to replicate the makeup test, only to have dad knocking on the door every 5 seconds. RAWR. CAN'T A DUDE DO HIS MAKEUP IN PRIVATE DAMNIT? asdfghjkl lol. ended up in screwed-up eyebrows, I"ll just have to redo another time. =A=***

nnn. That's all, I guess. I've been sick recently, havn't had the energy to remember so many things, lmao.
Guh. his guns. <333333 SO MUCH LOVE. *can't wait to start making*

I just realised that both characters smoke. heh <3;

Nothing else to say, I guess~

-Yaoi BADOU FUCKING NAILS, ASSHOLE. >D (lolololconstantine <3)

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