Tuesday, May 4, 2010



asdfghjkl <3 ahhhhh so awesome *melts*Alfred. his charisma. just. *stems nosebleed with tissue*

Sooo~ back from school nao~

8D I roped Icy in, fufufu. she's 90% confirmed. >8D I also got 3 people interested. >8DDDDDD

but I kinda still dunnnno what vers I wanna do yet. XD; but since I have a cute japan, might as well decide soon .w.

Also decided on Soubi for my main cos for day 2(idk if I've said this lol)

I'm... entertaining thoughts of 2 cosplays a day. D8 that's no good. someone SHOOT ME before I actually go confirm with a partner. asdfghjkl;;;

Anw. AAA orientation was funnish. XD; I. met people whose names I forgot but msns I wrote down and stoof. 8D and injured my thumb (one's more swollen and purple and painful then the other ;A;).

Oh, also. I updated my cosplay.com acc with more recent info, and re-created my mysteriously dissapearing cure acc. except the cure acc's still a basic viewer's acc till I get some decent cosplay pics x_X;

Hungry nao, and there's nothing else to talk about I think. so...


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