Sunday, May 9, 2010

Note to self


Contacts (BY 13TH):

Shoes (soon):
platoon-202 size 11

gogo-300 size 11

Chest binders, makeup + brushes (Soon):

Wigs (june):
personal - Gakupo, France, Kaito, Doll-wigs, Luka, Iggy...
For people - Meiko, Japan, Naoto, Haine

Quote of the day:

Carnage with bullets; says:
 you're like
 a messed up badou
 (mutual friend) asked me whats a badou

Gunsmoker (is drugged and drifty) says:
 a badou
 is the most fucking amazing thing on the planet
 you should ride one

I love being high on flu+coughsyrup. though I still feel like crap.

should I cover this?:



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