Sunday, August 29, 2010


*totally useless update*

this. and this. is. fucking. epic.

 <3 best. stories. evuh. and totally awesome wut.
I fucking love you, author. <3

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


shit cropped up, not feelin so hot. sorry. won't update for a couple more days

all I've been doing with my life these few days is shooting like crazy and obsess over cosplay, so expect some nice pics.

Monday, August 2, 2010

update notice...

:/ I havn't been posting much, apologies.

I have a test in 15 minutes. I shall update after that.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ahaha. this is what happens when stella comes over~

epic impromptu karaoke with audacity, and me forgetting the program was ever on. and talk about cencored stuff. XDD

nuffsaid. 8D;

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wiggu prices + UPDATED WITH COLOR

/wrist... will upload here as I finish each picture, cos then I"ll feel some sense of accomplishment...

That's what I've gotta split up and organize... /wrist


;3; this is only temp. will be deleted after the first order...

finally fixed prices for the wigs... now to wait for color list...
friends get $5 discount .3./

Length: Price (in SGD):
35cm 32
40cm 35
45cm 38
50cm 40
55cm 43
60cm 45
65cm 50
70cm 55
75cm 58
80cm 60
85cm 63
90cm 65
100cm 70
110cm 75
Special: Miku $95

Another sales post

ahaha. I feel so lazy but w/e
Short bobbed blue wig, used for 1 event. Color accurate to first picture... can be used for ciel or smth?

Short brown party wig, front's nice, but lotsa bald patches at the back. hidable with styling, but *shrug*. Can be used for Spain?
Ash-blonde 40cm, wavy. Bought for Soubi, it's a tad too short TAT... Heat resistant, has never been worn outta the house... can prolly be used for idk. Namine?
 Brand new 40/45cm blonde, heatresistant, never worn. Lable still attached.
Yellow 60-70cm wig. Ruined cos I overplayed with it, I'll try to neaten and stuff before I send out...

also, Denny, the color of this wig = accurate to previous post, but it looks like this~ I think it'll work with trimming o3o/ (and lol, so unglam with no makeup. 8D; that shirt's also shown up enough for you guys to figure out that that's my pajamas. XD)
8D; it works for Denmark too. *Shot*


I think this is starting to die...

anyways. TGX was fun till I left...
then the rest of this week has been shit. I don't feel like talking about it. Projects, shitty people I don't belong with... and they wonder why I always hide in a corner with my laptop >_>...

but whatever. germany's voice is hot, russia's voice is cute(though the fact that winter's a metal-ish song surprised me)...america and england cannot speak english...

and I"m really feeling bleah and not in the mood right now...  whatever...

cosplay plans:
tryin to psyco Joy into Ukraine, cos of her tracts of land (that could be more massive but still~)
Ukraine looks like a female non-threatening Russia. I used to think Ukraine was a guy. >_>;; how I could ever have missed those, I have absolutely no idea.
another reason why I'm psycoing joy into Ukraine is cos both their wigs are, like, identical. 8D (and since I need 2 of the same design to make one order.... *Rolls*)

yeah. speaking of wigs, ;A; I need France's. and the suppliers from HK are really slow *twitch*
 and I've got some wigs for sale (cos I can't afford to keep so many, even though they're lovely, if I"m not using them)... I'll take pics and post up in a seperate post...

*goes to do that instead of projects*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


day 2 was epic fun. I emoed the day away on day 1 though, cos I soloed and it was boring TAT... but day 2 was epic epic fun...

I"m too lazy to post any pics up at the moment lala

anw. TGX is this weekend o3o/ I'm going for day 2 as Ore-sama no blog Prussia (Read: cheater casual prussia fufufuf) with leXis as maidgermany.


ahaha soyea. class now. .3.

(hnngh I forgot to bring my phone TAT)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Male homosexual sex is illegal, and can be punished by life in prison, lesbian sex is legal in private.


Monday, June 28, 2010


An average pack of Marlboro Reds has 20 cigarettes in it, with 10 packs to a carton. "Regular" cigarettes are 70 mm in length, and "king size" are 84 mm in length. (The filter length averages 30 mm.)

... and I spent like 10 mins just finding this out online when I could have just gotten the answer if I asked a smoker friend OTL


Havn't been updatin, sorry bout that~

mmm nuddin to say. Con-season, so I'm pretty fucking busy at the moment~ *procrastinates*

yeah. I'll update again in a week or two. see ya


Monday, June 21, 2010

8D Gakuxkaito lunchdate~

ahahaha yar. I'm too lazy to explain. have pic of mai cute Kaito pouncing on food, and puri.

<3 hur.


Friday, June 18, 2010

status update~

8D got my hair rebonded <3 and shopped. alot. hurrrrrr

anw, the wigs I were not able to get:
Germania (though I got something close to it)

wigs that may not be accurate:
Akita Neru
Naoto/ Hong Kong

Wigs that need work (trimming and shit):
Green dude from lucky dog

Perfect Wigs:

Costume progress:
ZERO 8D *shot & cut up many times*

I'm coming back tomorrow... KARAOKE OUTING ON MON PLOX? <3;;;


Sunday, June 13, 2010

8D airport post

leaving in 5mins~<3
shit with my bording pass happened, but all is well now.

see you guys in 6 days~<3 (D: I feel like karaoke. anyone up for karaoke? ;3;)

<3333333333333333333 *rollroll*


for the love of orangeeeeeeeee~

lol unglam. but orange hair, orange headphones, orange soda, orange shirt, orange glasses, and orange shorts (not that you can see them XD) makes yaoi a very orangey and happy cosser.

hnnngh orange. I love orange. the publish post button is orange. the blogger logo is orange. FIREFOX is orange.

yay orange~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

news~ and shopping list

I'm going overseas on monday... (which is tomorrow LMFAO)

Trich and Spider are coming along. That means 1 msd body and 2 msd heads.

I just finished packing clothing for the trip. OTL

I spent. 6 hours. packing for the kids
and 10 minutes on myself...


durarara is fucking awesome.

I lovelovelove mai new orange headphones. yay dad.

in other news
I hope you guys check my blog, cos I"ll be updating shit from my trip here~ there'll be photostories, hur.

and a note to self

shopping list:
Naoto(?) for stella (oweher)
Japan(?) for stella (oweher)
China for stella (oweher)
Mage for stella (oweher)
Luki for wifey (paid)
Kaito for me
America for me
Greece for me
Soubi for me
Gakupo for me
Luka for me

Cherry Romance(Ithink) by dollheart for lexis (paid)
Mio and Azu-nyan wigs for DD and MDD respectively, for Sephora (not paid)
White dresses for spider(aka, me, lol)

Makeup for me

I think that's it... imma go crash now. <3 baiz

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



yeah. <3

Friday, June 4, 2010


HUHUHUHUHUHU. I'm absolutely thrilled. after like. weeks of procrastinating, I finally sat down with my america wig... and it was done in like 10 mins OTL.

messy bathroommmm, but haaaa so worth it. I'll go clean it up in awhile OTL the lock of hair on the tablecounterthing next to the toothpaste will be Nantucket, hopefully.
my webcam makes everything look good... XD (HALF OPENED EXTRALARGE SHIRT~ RUSSIAxAMERICA HINTS? 8D)
unfortunately... my camera dosn't like me as much. OTL *lookslikecrappppp* nothing was changed besides the pose in both pics...

With abit of tweaking, I can do Russia! butbut the color's wrong. =w=;;
also. super unglam pic plz

anw. I'll be going to SJCC camp, won't be back till tomorrow night. ;A; I'll miss you, kiku (the laptop, lol)~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wig Sale - spikey blonde

I got this wig at 50, secondhand. It really really dosn't suit who I need it for, so I'm hoping to sell it off so I can get a wig that suits the character more. >x< I'd like 40 for it, at least...

the top of the wig is really really thick, it's suitable for spiking and punky hair, I think.

Monday, May 31, 2010

slacking in class~

Microecons, actually.

OTL *yawwwwwwwn*

cos a couple of you guys put this into my head a few days back...

HORA! I"m even doing this seriously! and during ICA/exam week at that... OTL on my second base-draft, correcting proportions and all atm. OTL

nnngh. *random rolling* what did I have to talk about...?

ohyes, the weekend.

I went out with Xian Wen to look for bass in the morningafternoon and Joy to have dinner in the afternoonnight on fri. ahaha. nothing much, besides the fact that we walked alot, and I looked pretty and Joy and I freaked out a few folks on the train... have pics and a video .w.

well the pics will come later *cannmot upload them >_>;;; *

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


IS FUCKING EPIC. 8D;;; nuffsaid

and datexsana >w< *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* asdfghjklkjhgdfsethygjbntdgchgi holyshitahahahasoutesocutesocutesocuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wanna see how Yaoi looks dressed up?

8D HAH! "OMG, YAOI WUT!?!?!?!" ? XD~~~ since I'm trying to escape the reality of knowing I"ll fail for tomorrow's microecons test~

went out with Tobi on...sat? to buy art materials and shit~ We watched a movie. ahahaha. -> I'm now completetly 100% broke 8D fuck~<3

I alrealdy spent the 20(mom>_>;) bucks given to me this week on monday, cos my headphones died on me. TAT food at the library cafe is expensive luhhhhh *sob*


I really am gunna fail this one, ain't I? DDDD8

in other news: By some bizzare twist of fate, I've been pulled into doing L'République Française (the republic of france/bigbrofrance) for ... I swore I'd never join a sgcafe group again, but... *shrug* haaa.

I also did a song cover of:

.w. it sucks, but Here~

this guy is up for sale. He's a DIM Elif, almost brand new.

Faceup(still incomplete) by me. I'd like at least 70 for him. He'll come with the back of his head, three pairs of eyes, and 2 wigs. >x<

I'm also thinking of selling his body with, but I'd like 370 for the entire doll. I'll body-blush the body if anyone's insterested. ;A;

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shoot shoot~

Doll one at least. XD

Went to eat dinner and swap bodies with Joanne. Brought Spider along for a shoot.
I'msodamnexhausted.slept at like. 3am. nuffsaid. I'll put up my favourite pics. they're very barely touched and need to be edited more, but I"m too tired at the mo.


Thanks to Joanne for helping me shift them and stoof.
and thanks to Tobi, for doing these for me:

I should totally make signatures for them. 8D;

ahaha. ok. dying. will tag tomorrow/later, and since it's alr 1am... good morning~