Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another sales post

ahaha. I feel so lazy but w/e
Short bobbed blue wig, used for 1 event. Color accurate to first picture... can be used for ciel or smth?

Short brown party wig, front's nice, but lotsa bald patches at the back. hidable with styling, but *shrug*. Can be used for Spain?
Ash-blonde 40cm, wavy. Bought for Soubi, it's a tad too short TAT... Heat resistant, has never been worn outta the house... can prolly be used for idk. Namine?
 Brand new 40/45cm blonde, heatresistant, never worn. Lable still attached.
Yellow 60-70cm wig. Ruined cos I overplayed with it, I'll try to neaten and stuff before I send out...

also, Denny, the color of this wig = accurate to previous post, but it looks like this~ I think it'll work with trimming o3o/ (and lol, so unglam with no makeup. 8D; that shirt's also shown up enough for you guys to figure out that that's my pajamas. XD)
8D; it works for Denmark too. *Shot*

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