Monday, May 31, 2010

slacking in class~

Microecons, actually.

OTL *yawwwwwwwn*

cos a couple of you guys put this into my head a few days back...

HORA! I"m even doing this seriously! and during ICA/exam week at that... OTL on my second base-draft, correcting proportions and all atm. OTL

nnngh. *random rolling* what did I have to talk about...?

ohyes, the weekend.

I went out with Xian Wen to look for bass in the morningafternoon and Joy to have dinner in the afternoonnight on fri. ahaha. nothing much, besides the fact that we walked alot, and I looked pretty and Joy and I freaked out a few folks on the train... have pics and a video .w.

well the pics will come later *cannmot upload them >_>;;; *

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


IS FUCKING EPIC. 8D;;; nuffsaid

and datexsana >w< *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* asdfghjklkjhgdfsethygjbntdgchgi holyshitahahahasoutesocutesocutesocuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wanna see how Yaoi looks dressed up?

8D HAH! "OMG, YAOI WUT!?!?!?!" ? XD~~~ since I'm trying to escape the reality of knowing I"ll fail for tomorrow's microecons test~

went out with Tobi on...sat? to buy art materials and shit~ We watched a movie. ahahaha. -> I'm now completetly 100% broke 8D fuck~<3

I alrealdy spent the 20(mom>_>;) bucks given to me this week on monday, cos my headphones died on me. TAT food at the library cafe is expensive luhhhhh *sob*


I really am gunna fail this one, ain't I? DDDD8

in other news: By some bizzare twist of fate, I've been pulled into doing L'République Française (the republic of france/bigbrofrance) for ... I swore I'd never join a sgcafe group again, but... *shrug* haaa.

I also did a song cover of:

.w. it sucks, but Here~

this guy is up for sale. He's a DIM Elif, almost brand new.

Faceup(still incomplete) by me. I'd like at least 70 for him. He'll come with the back of his head, three pairs of eyes, and 2 wigs. >x<

I'm also thinking of selling his body with, but I'd like 370 for the entire doll. I'll body-blush the body if anyone's insterested. ;A;

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shoot shoot~

Doll one at least. XD

Went to eat dinner and swap bodies with Joanne. Brought Spider along for a shoot.
I'msodamnexhausted.slept at like. 3am. nuffsaid. I'll put up my favourite pics. they're very barely touched and need to be edited more, but I"m too tired at the mo.


Thanks to Joanne for helping me shift them and stoof.
and thanks to Tobi, for doing these for me:

I should totally make signatures for them. 8D;

ahaha. ok. dying. will tag tomorrow/later, and since it's alr 1am... good morning~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doll profiles

I've been working on doll profiles~ even though it's test week.~<3 *shot*

So far, I've only got Faustie's done. but ohwell. I may change the pic but idk~ I need my SD13 body back and stuff. .x.

Mr. Faust

☆Character profile☆

Gregory Faust

Faustie, Greg, Mr Snowman.(fufufuf*shot*)

Age: 18

May 7th

Short, platanium blonde.

Dark green.

German, but lived in UK since forever.

Leander's (elder) twin,
Christina's big brother,
Devlin's "Friend with benefits"

Draco's babysitter unofficial bodyguard, Devlin's dirty jobs guy second hand man, Owner of Faust Investments (pun fully intended).

BG info:
Parents died in a triad war when he was 9, leaving him to support his siblings. They struggled to survive, got taken in by an orphanage and did well for about 7 years... then got seperated by the other two getting sold off. He fled to find them, and survived on the streets on his own... Met Devlin when he was almost gangraped while sick, Devlin took him in and created a blood bond between them. He then got himself together, went to school, got several degrees and started a business, all in the span of 4 years.  *EDIT IN PROGRESS*

Has a soft spot for kids (cos of his sister). Is Very much a gentleman, and is very polite and proper with everyone, no matter what circumstances. (If you piss him off really badly, he'll just send someone to make something to happen to you, that's all~)

Usually found: Wherever Draco is, or at work.

Usually seen wearing: Suits. On his very rare offdays, a Turtleneck + cargo pants combo.


☆Doll Information☆
Luts's Wintery '08, on a Volks SD13 body
Faceup by:
Pic unedited besides contrast/lighting tweaking, Photography by me, please don't use without permission!

I'll just use this post and add onto it for the rest of their profiles once I'm done with them .w.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Charity~ and omfgwtfdad.

Fight World Hunger

ahaha. Yeah. go play a few levels if you have the time. (Wow, Yaoi doing charity work? ahahaha.)

Also. My dad discovered my facebook. and lectured me for swearing online. >_>
people who don't know how to accept cursing should never be allowed online, fuckit. .________. I'm so pissed my mind can't register that I'm pissed. IT'S OVER 9000. yeah. I'm just sort of reeling in blankness/anger.

*breaks stuff*

in other news.

I've been spending the last few days catching up with mythbuster episodes. ahaha <3 I also re-installed my tablet~<3

Sunday, May 9, 2010

another note to self

2 inch is 5.08 cm
2.5 inch is 6.35 cm
3 inch is 7.62 cm
3.25 inch is 8.255 cm

3.5 inch is 8.89 cm
4 inch is 10.16 cm
5 inch is 12.7 cm
6 inch is 15.24 cm

ranty rantrant

I just read a rant about someone hating ugly people. And even though the matter's long-over, I have to say something.

there were some replies to her post, going "D8 you hate me?"
then she's like "I don't mind if you're ugly, but have a good attitude. But some people are ugly inside and out." and "BUT since I'm a VERY visual person once de person is nt so nice i get a little argh or will step away cos.......... i jus don feel comfortable u see."

there are also people blessed with good looks, but have a shitty attitude. I also personally don't think you're the prettiest person on the planet, watching you prance around in loli and decora and what have you not makes me cringe. badly. How can you stand having mirrors in your house?

The excuse you gave that you're a very visual person? nuh-uh, invalid. The world's not just about you, honey. I personally am very visual too, but do I go to a public forum and go "I SRSLY HATE UGLY PEOPLE !!1!1" like it's their fault they're not blessed with good looks? at most I'll talk about to selected people, that's it.

bah pissed. how insensitive can people get? why are some people so shallow and care only about themselves? why do people lack friggin EQ? Some things I never understand...

or mebee I'm just oversensitive. but. *twitch* things like this really get on my nerves.

honey. If you wanna bare your ugly, don't bare it to a forum (expecially one that will bite back)

I'll prolly regret this post in awhile and delete it *roll* I'm still drugged up. ahaha.

*goes back to happyland*


Note to self


Contacts (BY 13TH):

Shoes (soon):
platoon-202 size 11

gogo-300 size 11

Chest binders, makeup + brushes (Soon):

Wigs (june):
personal - Gakupo, France, Kaito, Doll-wigs, Luka, Iggy...
For people - Meiko, Japan, Naoto, Haine

Quote of the day:

Carnage with bullets; says:
 you're like
 a messed up badou
 (mutual friend) asked me whats a badou

Gunsmoker (is drugged and drifty) says:
 a badou
 is the most fucking amazing thing on the planet
 you should ride one

I love being high on flu+coughsyrup. though I still feel like crap.

should I cover this?:



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Concerning yesterday

8DDDD; the SD13 body I ordered arrived yesterday <3 it's so much love, and SO WORTH IT. Faustie fills out his clothing well now <3
I still don't really like the hands so much, but they're not that bad and can be replaced ^^

the rest of the day was basically crap but whocares~


oh and.

Anime Karaoke Competition

Due to very popular demand from our budding singers, the Anime Karaoke Competition is back!

Please email your name, contact number, song and sound track to

I am. SO. tempted to join. ;A; but I don't know what I'll singggggggg. (and what day is this on anw damnit. =A= I need to know to choose my songgggg)...

I got cough medicine and lozenges today~  will spam them like crazy till I get well~

Friday, May 7, 2010


was somewhat crap, but something epic happened.

but I'm too tired and sick to talk about it. Sore throat + flu = not being able to sing, which I've discovered really really puts me down in the dumps...


T_T I wish I could be a vocaloid, be able to sing forever. ;A;

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



asdfghjkl <3 ahhhhh so awesome *melts*Alfred. his charisma. just. *stems nosebleed with tissue*

Sooo~ back from school nao~

8D I roped Icy in, fufufu. she's 90% confirmed. >8D I also got 3 people interested. >8DDDDDD

but I kinda still dunnnno what vers I wanna do yet. XD; but since I have a cute japan, might as well decide soon .w.

Also decided on Soubi for my main cos for day 2(idk if I've said this lol)

I'm... entertaining thoughts of 2 cosplays a day. D8 that's no good. someone SHOOT ME before I actually go confirm with a partner. asdfghjkl;;;

Anw. AAA orientation was funnish. XD; I. met people whose names I forgot but msns I wrote down and stoof. 8D and injured my thumb (one's more swollen and purple and painful then the other ;A;).

Oh, also. I updated my acc with more recent info, and re-created my mysteriously dissapearing cure acc. except the cure acc's still a basic viewer's acc till I get some decent cosplay pics x_X;

Hungry nao, and there's nothing else to talk about I think. so...


Characters decided! and rageeee.

Decided to do Badou from Dogs, and Soubi for Loveless for day 1 and two respectively. I still dunno about america~

yayyyyyy mai bff cottonbud~~ bow down to eyepatch-sama, stupid cottonbud. >D *cracks whip*. *is shot full of holes*

I was so hyped. I did a makeup test before my bath, and it turned out awesome. (but I didn't take pics, damnit.)

>_> then. I justttttt tried to replicate the makeup test, only to have dad knocking on the door every 5 seconds. RAWR. CAN'T A DUDE DO HIS MAKEUP IN PRIVATE DAMNIT? asdfghjkl lol. ended up in screwed-up eyebrows, I"ll just have to redo another time. =A=***

nnn. That's all, I guess. I've been sick recently, havn't had the energy to remember so many things, lmao.
Guh. his guns. <333333 SO MUCH LOVE. *can't wait to start making*

I just realised that both characters smoke. heh <3;

Nothing else to say, I guess~

-Yaoi BADOU FUCKING NAILS, ASSHOLE. >D (lolololconstantine <3)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

asdfghjkl this is why I shouldn't look at cosplay.


yeahhh. I really shouldn't have started looking at cosplay last night. asdfghjkl (I ended up staying up till 2, fangirling over cosplay)

 <3 I feeeeel goood ahaha. Cosplay shall forever be my drug omg.

ahaha. tentatively I've decided on Shirogane from Monochrome factor (OMG GHETTO TRIAL!) for one of teh CF days. unless idunno ahaha :3 Badou, if Haine-honey decides to do wifme? 8D; *SHOTSHOTSHOTSHOT* or Papa, if Steinstein wants to do wifme. 8DDDDDDD; *operated upon*

wololol IDK, MAI BFF TOBI 8D;

ahahaha. 8D; too many things going on right now for me to make a record, I"ll post again when things settle down. <3

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Modding WIP, cosfest plans

Am currently modding Shota (his permanent name is now Crevan, but he still goes by that nick).

I opened his left eye too wide at first and had to close it up with epoxy.

well. more or less. I added on abit and took off abit, but the general shape is fixed.

and dear god, I really shouldn't deal with epoxy when I have a headache/am sucking on lozenge's non-stop to prevent my throat from feeling like I just sanded it. I've been feeling nauseous the entire day. (which is why I'm typing early, cos I'll turn in early.) The smell of curing epoxy...just... *retch*

._. dosn't help that I"m using normal multipurpose epoxy instead of my usual tamiya one (I lost it T_T). I'm pretty sure my usual one has no smell .x.

anyways. halfway through modding I gave up trying to tint the epoxy properly (as you can kinda see) ._x I'm considering airbrushing him white instead, and sticking him on a WS body. or just blushing the epoxied areas to match. my head hurts too much to care at the moment.

also. I"m selling off my DIM ELIF head at 80usd. (I could prolly drop the price a little if I know you, but I need the cash to buy the incoming sd13 body x_x ). ;A; someone. pleaseeeeee.

OH YEAH. cosfest plans/plea. I'll cut to the point.

The 2nd day of cosfest is also Independence day, which means it's Alfred's birthday! 8D we're looking for people to cospreh our beloved dimwitted US to takeover the stage during the event. <3 ANYONE GAME? there are currently. um. 3 unconfirmed Al's, but it was such a fun idea that I wanna drag. like. 20 Al's just for the heck of it. 8D

Day 1 I'll either be Papa from Soul-eater, Badou from Dogs:bullets and carnagePrussia/France/Russia from APH, Riku again (my last resort, hopefully I won't have to redo him so many times in a row). or someone I haven't thought of yet. ahaha. The slot's still open, basically. .x.

CF's on the 3rd and 4th of July. *big sparkly pleading eyes* I wanna cospreh so bad, it's not funny~ someone pleaseeeeee be my partner? I'll love joo forevar~

I'll cut the post short before I ramble on more. ahaha.