Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doll profiles

I've been working on doll profiles~ even though it's test week.~<3 *shot*

So far, I've only got Faustie's done. but ohwell. I may change the pic but idk~ I need my SD13 body back and stuff. .x.

Mr. Faust

☆Character profile☆

Gregory Faust

Faustie, Greg, Mr Snowman.(fufufuf*shot*)

Age: 18

May 7th

Short, platanium blonde.

Dark green.

German, but lived in UK since forever.

Leander's (elder) twin,
Christina's big brother,
Devlin's "Friend with benefits"

Draco's babysitter unofficial bodyguard, Devlin's dirty jobs guy second hand man, Owner of Faust Investments (pun fully intended).

BG info:
Parents died in a triad war when he was 9, leaving him to support his siblings. They struggled to survive, got taken in by an orphanage and did well for about 7 years... then got seperated by the other two getting sold off. He fled to find them, and survived on the streets on his own... Met Devlin when he was almost gangraped while sick, Devlin took him in and created a blood bond between them. He then got himself together, went to school, got several degrees and started a business, all in the span of 4 years.  *EDIT IN PROGRESS*

Has a soft spot for kids (cos of his sister). Is Very much a gentleman, and is very polite and proper with everyone, no matter what circumstances. (If you piss him off really badly, he'll just send someone to make something to happen to you, that's all~)

Usually found: Wherever Draco is, or at work.

Usually seen wearing: Suits. On his very rare offdays, a Turtleneck + cargo pants combo.

Email: gregory.faustinvestments@gmail.com

☆Doll Information☆
Luts's Wintery '08, on a Volks SD13 body
Faceup by:
Pic unedited besides contrast/lighting tweaking, Photography by me, please don't use without permission!

I'll just use this post and add onto it for the rest of their profiles once I'm done with them .w.

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