Saturday, June 12, 2010

news~ and shopping list

I'm going overseas on monday... (which is tomorrow LMFAO)

Trich and Spider are coming along. That means 1 msd body and 2 msd heads.

I just finished packing clothing for the trip. OTL

I spent. 6 hours. packing for the kids
and 10 minutes on myself...


durarara is fucking awesome.

I lovelovelove mai new orange headphones. yay dad.

in other news
I hope you guys check my blog, cos I"ll be updating shit from my trip here~ there'll be photostories, hur.

and a note to self

shopping list:
Naoto(?) for stella (oweher)
Japan(?) for stella (oweher)
China for stella (oweher)
Mage for stella (oweher)
Luki for wifey (paid)
Kaito for me
America for me
Greece for me
Soubi for me
Gakupo for me
Luka for me

Cherry Romance(Ithink) by dollheart for lexis (paid)
Mio and Azu-nyan wigs for DD and MDD respectively, for Sephora (not paid)
White dresses for spider(aka, me, lol)

Makeup for me

I think that's it... imma go crash now. <3 baiz

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Naruto said...

just recommand you order the cosplay wigs via :)

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