Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic fun~

ahaha. IT&web tech today was effing fun~ we did a crossword thingy, and my team came out first. 8DDDD; hur *competitivecompetitivecompetitive*

and also

I kindasorta bought a SD13 body. Secondhand, from Mandarake. God, it's only like 25000 yen w/o shipping, which means about 260usd. Which is really cheap, since normally secondhand sd13 bods go for approx 350usd. <3 I'll have to collect like all my debts + begborrow money for it though. and call in favors from a friend who has PP... ><; bah. Dikadoll handssssss onnnnn saleee. asdfghjkl;;;. I hope my salary comes in sometime soon too. x___x I despo need to start working again... @w@ mebee fri nights + sat? lessee how ba. un. was so shagged today, came home and slept. For an hour. lol. Then dad called and was himself >_> so I had maggieeee~

I neeeeeeeed another house keyyyyyy. T__T I keep losing mine.

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