Tuesday, April 27, 2010

note to self:

cover this:

Am waiting for the club orientation thingy to start. .x. I joined the sakuran japanese cultural club, which has a cosplay division. 8D; figured that it'll push me to actually complete some costumes, ahahaha;;; but yar. I came like. 45 mins early. =3=;;;;;  soliek. *sits and sians*

I... need to brush up on stats. and the math topicthing that I always used to skip in sec schl... *can't even remember it's name*

ahaha. so much fun. 8D;

it wasn't that much of the activities, it was more of the kind of people. 8D; and the fact that I let loose and introed myself as Yaoi. >DDD I've kind of realised that Yaoi and Beverly are sliiightly different people. In the sense that Yaoi can have no shameeeeeeee 8D; *Shot*

I have fans now. 8D; *shot*

haaaaaaaaaa anw. eh. oh yar.

will bring sleepy to school tomorrow, to trade with Lexis for gayboy. 8D; and clothes. and prolly Trich, depending. .x.

oyar. note to self: http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=9954&show=4 lyrics for above song

eh. I was gunna write more. but periodpainlikecrazy omfg, so like. bye. I'll see if I have anything to add on tomorrow/later


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