Friday, April 16, 2010


Ahaha. I know I promised to keep up with the previous blog...

well, it died. ._.; *shot*

anyhoo. Lots of things have happened, and I'm now a student of Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Business management... Like the title says, it's a completely new chapter of my life.

I find that I've changed as a person too. I've become somewhat more mature, and more confident... Somewhat. XD; I think it's a good change, I was always too stupid for my own good. ._.;

nnn... what else...

ah, yes. Since this is a new start...

Welcome, readers. I'm Beverly, you can call me either Kuro or Yaoi, tis up to ya. I'm a cosplayer, BJD mom (of 3 full kids and one floating head! plus two more on the way <3) and wannabe photographer (...haven't touched the camera in months though...) . I'm also going to start school on monday... am somewhat apprehensive but excited(!!!Iknowright? never expected Yaoi of all people to be excited about school ya? XD).

Well. Orientation camp ended today. Interesting things happened, new friends were made. I won't talk about today, not here. This is only an introduction, after all. The new chapter will start on Monday. I'll try to keep this blog updated on at least a twice weekly schedule, but I won't give any guarantees.

Sooo. Well. I guess I'll see ya Monday~


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